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PPC advertisingDid you know that out of all the ads being served in the Google, Bing and yahoo search engines’ the ads in 1st position receive roughly 33% of all visitor clicks. So if your business shows up in first position for terms your customers are looking for your business has the greatest opportunity to convert that visitor into a new customer.

The truth is that Internet Advertising still provides the most cost effect method for generating new business versus tv or radio advertising; but the cost of doing business has a much greater barrier of entry then it did in the 2000′s. In today’s digital marketing arena it is imperative to have the up to date knowledge and ability to compete for new consumers in this ever evolving Internet advertising environment.

Out of all of the online marketing channels, search engines are by far the strongest medium for driving the most quality web traffic, new visitors, brand awareness, and most importantly sales and revenue.  Out of all the search engines used Google rains supreme and controls about 75% of the market share; then Bing & Yahoo in a far second controling roughly 20%, and lastly very small engines like & 7 Search.

About Us

Pay Per Click MarketingHaymaker Marketing is a forward thinking Strategic Marketing Agency headquartered in South Florida. Our goal is to provide Global pay-per-click advertising solutions to small, mid and larger sized companies across multiple verticals & industries. Our core competencies include PPC Advertising and eCommerce consulting for sites and online companies focused on driving more sale, leads, sign ups, or even brand awareness for there business.

Our search engine marketing service’s provide our clients with not just the ability to rank in 1st position in Google Bing, and Yahoo; but better yet rank in the most profitable position. So unlike many of the large agencies we compete with, our goal is not just to spend as much money of our clients money as possible to increase our commission, but instead learn our client’s business and help determine the optimal point of diminishing returns on their Paid Search Advertising investment.

For many of our eCommerce focused clients, we also manage their product listings across multiple Comparison Shopping Engines (CSE’s), eCommerce focused sites like Amazon, eBay, and Shopzilla, and many others.

adwords_certified_partner_web_80x80_EN_USAt Haymaker Marketing we pride ourselves in providing all of our clients with not only the white gloves treatment they deserve, but also take pride in the fact that we can out perform any Paid Search Marketing agency and are willing to put our money where our mouth is.  So if you are already working with an agency we are willing to bet that we can out preform them by offering a free 30 day trail.

So whether your company is interesting in outsourcing your Paid Search Advertising initiative, or testing Pay-Per-Click marketing for the first time, Haymaker Marketing is interested in helping grow your business.

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